The Magnet School of Leadership and Innovation Through STEAM, PS 349

PS 349 logoThe Magnet School of Leadership and Innovation Through STEAM, PS 349

88-08 164 Street, Jamaica, NY 11432

Tanya Bates Howell, Principal

Established in 2015, PS 349, The Magnet School of Leadership and Innovation through STEAM, is designed to meet the needs of all children.  The rigorous curriculum and instruction engages students’ imagination through engineering and design, spark their innate curiosity in science and engage students via exploration of the natural world. Our students have many opportunities to work together on hands-on STEAM projects that allow them to collaborate with their peers and lead through self – management, self –awareness and responsible decision-making. Students learn to be college and career ready and develop their leadership skills through the infusion of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People within all curricula.

STEAM learning, is infused into daily instruction, project-based learning, electives, and after-school programs. The principles of STEAM— critical thinking, inquiry, observation, exploration, and creation—at the heart of every content area discipline which allow students to think critically, communicate effectively, and innovate to solve real-world problems by engaging in authentic tasks.

PS 349 is a 1 to 1 technology environment where each student has their own ipad, laptop or desktop computer to work on projects. In addition, the school uses smartboards, 3Dprinters and technology supported programs such as robotics, coding and video conferencing with institutions such as NASA.

Our students are growing with us. Currently we are a pre –K through third grade and will be adding a grade every year until we reach full configuration in 2021.

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